Monday, March 17, 2008

Yi Shi De Mei Hao (English)

Sea missing is continuous not certainly finally hands over the meeting with the day in the horizon
Loves if also walks far suffices to be supposed to be able to meet with the Xin luck
The pledge frequently very much beautiful flies like the butterfly circles then does not seeBut I believed you give the spring which my pledge likes certainly can come
The happiness which I always lead which you to be loving on a smile road seek me to loseIs not careful when the tear slippery corners of the mouth use you has grasped the hand to erase
Many sceneries also ever do not anchor the happiness which only wholeheartedly seeks me to loseWhere didn't some people talk clearly are good but are everybody cannot substitute
In that second some matters which most starts early already are doomed to have to arrive oldAlthough the destiny likes cracking a joke the sincerity to be able to meet with the sincerity